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Why do you need health insurance?

Health insurance has become one of the most important necessities of our life. It is no longer considered as an optional expenditure. To have a tension-free and secure future, these insurance plans ensure that you enjoy the coming days without having worries of hospitals bills and medical costs. With time, people are becoming more familiar with the fact that they indeed need health insurances. Let’s discuss the matter in a broad way exploring a few reasons that tell why you need health insurances.

A growing number of health related diseases:

Life expectancy rate increases from what it used to be decades back. Research even reveals that people are likely to live 84 years, on an average, by 2040. The sedentary lifestyle makes the situation worse and enhances the numbers of illness that you may face in future. With this, the number of people suffering from severe diseases like cancer, lung conditions and other problems is increasing. The situation is an alarming one. Health insurance takes care of your financial risks and protects you from a big loss in future.

Health Insurance covers more than hospital bills:

Health insurances are not only for severe health diseases, but nowadays they also cover day care procedures and OPD. A separate health plan is also introduced for the treatment of vector borne diseases.

Increasing amount of treatment expenses:

Inflation causes a suffocating situation for common people to treat even general ailments. In such situation, health insurance rescues them with offering the desired benefits. The amount you pay in health insurance allows you to live a tension free life as you are already contributing an amount of money in preparing an emergency fund.

These are the reasons that come to make you convinced that you need health insurance plans to protect your future. But while opting for policies, you must understand the term health insurance categorically. You must have a thorough understanding of types of policies that include reimbursement based health insurance plans and fixed benefit hospitalisation plans. The complete study will improve your knowledge about health plans that definitely enhance your selection ability.

What is reimbursement health insurance plan?

This plan is the most common policy people generally take health benefits from. In a popular term, it is known as ‘mediclaim’ that reimburses the expenses spent on hospital treatments and diagnosis processes. Such plan has come up with an annual limit which the policy holder must not exceed in a policy year. It is also renewable for every year with paying the premium amount to the insurers. An individual health plan also comes under this health policy.

What is fixed benefits hospitalisation plans?

The fixed insurance plan has been successful to capture the attention of people with its simple and easy definition. Under this insurance coverage, a fixed amount of money is paid to insurance holder to cover the costs of predetermined illness or any health conditions. Such insurance plan does not need huge documentations as a diagnosis report from a doctor is enough to incur the money from the insurance companies. The benefits of this insurance plan even cover the costs of post-hospitalization treatment and medicine expenditure, which your regular health insurance may not give you.